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Prayer that shapes the future Prayer that Shapes the Future: How to Pray with Power and Authority

by Brad Long and Doug McMurry     $22 CAD (plus postage)

Re-Released in December 2019. This book guides you into prayers that are powerful, life-changing participation with your heavenly Father in bringing forth His kingdom on earth.

You are invited to discover three types of  “dynamic prayer”:  Listening Prayer ushers in purpose and direction for your life; Intercessory Prayer calls the unseen into being; Agreement Prayer joins you with others against the enemy.

This book will change the way you see prayer and reveal how eagerly God waits to respond when you pray.

Growing the Church bookGrowing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit 

by Brad Long, Paul Stokes, and Cindy Strickler  $25 CAD (plus postage)

Many leaders overlook the necessary precondition of discerning and cooperating with the empowering will of the Holy Spirit before putting their plans into action. But how is this to be accomplished?

Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit gives seven principles to pastors and church leaders on how to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit, rather than outside influences, to grow Christ’s church.  This book offers a biblical basis and practical approach for nurturing a dynamic cooperative process within churches, drawing on experiences from around the world.  This book focuses especially on the task of transforming the attitudes, understanding, ethos, and practices of existing congregations for cooperation with the Holy Spirit. 

 Receiving The Power 300x300Receiving The Power: Preparing the Way for the Holy Spirit 

by Zeb Bradford Long and Douglas McMurry     $22 CAD (plus postage)

You can do the work of Jesus Christ by relying on the Holy Spirit, while closing the door to the counterfeit, the demonic, and the merely human. This book will help you move beyond powerless Christianity to understand the balance between “the spirit within” and “the spirit upon” and pray for the empowerment of God’s Spirit.

This book clearly presents basic teaching on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit from a Reformed and biblical perspective. 



The Collapse of the Brass Heaven  The collapse of brass heaven 600x600

by Zeb Bradford Long and Douglas McMurry    $20 CAD (plus postage)

A brass heaven that seals out supernatural reality in Western culture – is falling. Christianity has been suffocating under the materialistic assumptions that are consuming Western culture. The authors consult early church fathers and non-Western Christians who have understood the incompatibility between faith and paganism and plants its faith firmly in the power of God as revealed in Scripture. They draw on their own experience of the power of the Holy Spirit.

This provocative analysis for concerned laypeople and church leaders signals the West’s course toward self-destruction and shows how Christians can move clear of the danger zone.


Passage Through The WildernessPassage through the Wilderness: A Journey of the Soul 

By Zeb Bradford Long     $20 CAD (plus postage)

Do you feel abandoned by God? Does your prayer life seem dry and pointless? Are you driven by restlessness or besieged by temptations?

You may be in the wilderness, a place most Christians will visit at some point on their journey. Like the “Slough of Despond” in Pilgrim’s Progress, the wilderness is fraught with dangers and pitfalls.  You will fight battles with yourself, with the devil and with God.  Brad Long details his own struggles in the wilderness and tells how he emerged with new insight into himself and, more importantly, God. The result of the wilderness journey can be deeper intimacy with Jesus and empowerment for your ministry.


 Growing in Friendship with Jesus bookGrowing in Friendship with Jesus

by Zeb Bradford Long       $15 CAD (plus postage)

2 books in one.

Book 1: Jesus’ Friend and Co-Worker

Book 2: Continuing the Friendship – The Miracle of Obtaining the Land for the Community of the Cross.



Discerning the TimesBook 1: Discerning the Times

by Zeb Bradford Long      $25 CAD (plus postage)

  • From a decidedly Christian perspective, seeing both the natural and the spiritual dynamics of this war, this book is both a warning and the foundation for a call to strategic prayer and spiritual warfare to avert the terrible consequences which will otherwise fall upon the world.

The Rev Dr. Zeb Bradford Long brings along decades of practical experience equipping Christians to take part in advancing waves of the Holy Spirit in North America, UK, China, Korea and Africa.

He has often been called into the gap as an intercessor and spiritual warrior. Long also brings a unique, military, psychological and historical perspective needed in this task of understanding and defeating the multidimensional demonic stronghold of Radical Islam.

 A Prayer Strategy for VictoryBook 2: A Prayer Strategy for Jesus’ Victory Over Radical Islam

by Zeb Brad Long     $25 CAD (plus postage)

Learn how to pray with insight and power in cooperation with the Holy Spirit. In this book, a 3-part prayer strategy is presented:

Engaging the demonic powers behind the individuals and organizations of radical Islam with tactics and strategies learned from past conflicts with Satan including binding, breaking curses, and dividing Satan’s Kingdom.

Defeating the stronghold of radical Islam based on the religious, cultural, political, and military system of Islam in both human and spiritual realms.

Praying for the waves of the Holy Spirit to overcome Islam that started in the City of Jerusalem 2000 years ago with Pentecost and are now converging back on Jerusalem.


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