Leadership Team

Trevor Payton DFI 2019 smallRev. Trevor Payton, Executive Director, has served as the Executive Director of Dunamis Fellowship Canada since September of 2018. He is very eager to see Christians thrive all across Canada: cooperating with the Holy Spirit as they witness to Jesus Christ with the love of the Father. Trevor has been ordained as a Minister of the Word and Sacrament in the Christian Reformed Church since 2006, serving churches in Ontario and New Jersey. He thoroughly enjoys any opportunity to bring the Dunamis teaching to people because this material has renewed and reshaped his own life so powerfully. Since July of 2000 Trevor has been married to his wife, Erin. They have five children, whom they also home-school. Trevor’s hobbies include soccer and strategy games, as well as just about anything that involves lightsabers or hobbits.

Barb2017Barb Ferrier, Dunamis Institute Regional Dean for Canada, attended her first Dunamis Project in Guelph in 1998 and has been involved in the ministry in some capacity ever since.  She served on the board of PRMI from 2008-2013 and from 2012 as Chair of the DFC Board, functioning in the young Canadian expression also as Executive Director until Janet Lammers became Board Chair in 2017 and Trevor Payton became Executive Director in 2018.  Professionally she taught Gr. 7 & 8 in a local Christian school and is co-author of science curriculum written from a Christian perspective. She and her husband Les led the Dunamis Video Course in their home church and have trained others to facilitate that in their churches. As Regional Dean for DFC she mentors Dunamis teachers and advises track and event directors. 

Martin LowerResMartin Boardman, Prayer Mobilizer, has been involved with DFC before it was even established. In 2003, Martin attended the congregation that hosted a Dunamis event in Burlington, ON while he was in seminary studying to become ordained in the CRC. After Ordination, Martin took a call to Brooks Alberta, where he served as pastor until the end of 2016. He and his wife Marlene and their young adult sons have recently made a moved to Ebenezer House in Drumheller, Alberta.  Martin has been involved in Mission Outreach Intercessory Prayer, coordinating prayer during the many international mission trips that PRMI has been involved in. Martin's current role as Prayer Mobilizer is to equip intercessors who can cooperate with the Holy Spirit in fulfilling the work Jesus is calling us to do through establishing small groups or cohorts of prayer, who, empowered by the Spirit, can engage in the battle for the advancement of God's kingdom.   

Patti Profile picPatti Tan, Ministry Coordinator, was introduced to Dunamis through a video course at her church in 2006. Patti and her husband Vince went through a life-changing course for the next ten years, homeschooling their three children. Patti has 13+ years of experience in Alternative Education and helps guide families working through the reasons for homeschooling (or not). Her focus is primarily on children with learning issues that often hide giftedness.  Patti is working diligently through personal healing with healing prayer, visions, dreams, journal entries and art work. Patti has attended several Dunamis events in Michigan, Guelph and North Carolina, gathering community around herself and continuing to heal in her spirit. The Dunamis way of doing things fits very well with her mindset of being a life-long learner.    

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