Global Prayer Calls

Continue to join us through July and August 2020

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 12 noon EST (please adjust for your time zone)

The Global prayer calls provide a place for people to pray and ask God to advance His reign and rule. For July and August you are invited to join a global PRMI prayer call for an hour each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

This season has been an opportunity for intercessors to come out of their prayer closets and connect through virtual prayer gatherings.

We shall continue this general work of meeting together to pray as the Spirit continues to lead, and at the same time, seek to develop networks of prayer that can pray more specifically for the restoration of various elements within our society.

To connect to the Global Prayer Call use the link below:

Meeting ID: 464 198 533

4x3 Virtual Upper Room

The Virtual Upper Room has been extended until the end of August. You still have time to invite people or come again for another time.

You will learn:

  • How the Holy Spirit is at work in your life already.
  • What it means to be filled / baptized with the Holy Spirit.
  • Seven ways to prepare to receive prayer for empowerment.
  • Links to 4 video stories from men and women whose ministry has changed because they received the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.
  • How the gift of tongues relates to the baptism of the Holy Spirit, with a link to our free 7 lesson course on tongues.

Go Here to find more information and to register for the Virtual Upper Room

Mountain Top Equipping

Are you a front-line intercessor, or a personal intercessor for those doing front-line engagement? Does God use you to gather information to inform others’ intercession?

Whatever your role, consider joining us to be equipped for your vital role in the work of intercession.

The Mountain Top Equipping Camp is the place to learn more about what a stronghold is and how they form. It is also the place to explore some of the strategies and tactics which the Lord uses to pull down and dismantle strongholds and their influence.

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 Register Here for Mountain Top Equipping Camp Online 

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